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Product management & development

Who am I? 

Enthusiastic, innovative professional who likes to see himself as an entrepreneur with a lot of online management experience. The bar is always high, just like my ambition. Result to be proud of. That is the goal and success I want to celebrate together.

What do I bring?

Professional online management experience, a critical view and a good sense of humour. Special knowledge and a large network within the Financial Insurance and E-commerce market. Product development, Strategic implementation, Project management, Acquisition and Retention are just some keywords that describes my experience very well. 

What do I Like?

Traveling has often been the answer to my need for adventure. Whether it is the Tongariro cross in New Zealand, the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or a ski downhill in Les deux Alpes, that doesn't matter to me.

It is about the indescribable feeling as soon as you come out of your comfort zone. Reaching out to that new achievement, that is what I call life. The cup of coffee or rather that cold beer that I can share with my girlfriend, family or friends afterwards, those are the best.

My other passions are football, running, reading, listening to music and playing guitar (just a beginner). I am a real socialiser. Love to meet new people and find out what moves them. A life full of wishes, goals and a lot to learn. A day has only 24 hours. That is why I consciously choose not to interfere on social media platforms. Maybe it gives me time to finely learn to play guitar someones ready to listen 😉

What is UC?

That's short for UnitedConsumers. Originally an internet company. The core business is fixing discounts on commodity products for private individuals. Due to the large volumes (customers), high discounts can be negotiated with large companies. A company with an exceptionally high knowledge, efficiency and automation degree. There are specialists of various fields such as Energy, Telecom-Fuel-Insurance markets and experience in the field of marketing and ICT.

Let's make things happen!

I am always ready to meet new people 

Jeroen van Lierop
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Jeroen van Lierop

High energy level - Gets things movingPeople-oriented, Looks for what drives peopleStrategic thinker - Simplifies complex issuesPragmatist - Makes solutions work

Work experience


2006 – Present
Logo UnitedConsumers

With a lot of fun and enthusiasm I have been working for UnitedConsumers for 12 ½ years. I was fortunate enough to start building the product 'car insurance'  from day one. That is why I am very committed and proud of the team, the product and the performance. Below I describe the different functions I've filled in.


Product manager car insurance

2013 – Present
  • Product accountability towards the board of directors
  • Determine the strategic objectives for car insurance products
  • Responsible for product proposition, price and quality of insurance products.
  • Maintain and negotiate terms & agreements with business partners.
  • Coordinating with the Customer Service-, Finance-, Marketing- and IT Teams.

Project leader

2015 – Present

A constant flow of changes in the insurance market as well as the online world. That is what makes my experience and knowledge extra special.

For example, in recent years I have been deployed for various large product transcending projects. In the position of project manager I have been involved in the implementation of; SEO & SEA strategy, GDPR requirements, Re-branding and a completely new dynamic Web design from User Experience (UX) & Mobile First. More about this can be found on my portfolio

Team leader costumer service

2009 – 2013
  • Accountable for the Customer Service Team of 14 insurance agents.
  • Conducting performance appraisal for Customer Service.
  • Conducting interviews for Customer Service.
  • Conducting education & training program for Customer Service
  • Accountable for customers complaints settlement.

Unique experiencein the year 2011, I was presented as team leader health insurance. Leadership and training given to about 40 temporary customer service, seasonal employees.

Insurance agent

2006 - 2009

Conducting consultations, maintaining customer relations, administration and handling of car damage claims. To defend the interests of the customer and at the same time not to disturb the good relationship with the insurer.

Special performancethe base for UC intranet CRM system. Automated customer communication processes.




Higher vocational education – Bachelor of commerce |  2008 - Graduated 2012
Study in Economics, minor entrepreneurship from Fonty’s University  EINDHOVEN


Intermediate vocational education – Banking  & Insurance | 2002 - Graduated 2006
Study in Banking & Insurance, minor law & legislation  from ROC College EINDHOVEN

Lower vocational education – Theoretical course | 1998 - Graduated 2002
Minor Mathematics & Economics from Varendonck College  SOMEREN


Insurance qualification  - Certified counsellor - Graduated 2006, permanent educated diplomas
Basic, Private + Business, Consumer credit EINDHOVEN

- PE Plus Diploma

Specialist Claim handler | Graduated 2008
Certificate of expertise insurance claim handler from College D&O  EINDHOVEN

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